Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Electricity is in the air

We are home from Market now. Yesterday as a matter of fact. I am exhausted as it was alot of fun and so electric with that many designers in one spot and all that inspiration. When last I left you we had just gotten there and started putting the booth up. it took a good day to get things ready and part of the next doing last minute arranging. Anne - Bunny, Anne Bryson, Nancy Ritter and myself worked hard but also took time to chat with old friends and some new ones. What a great experience.

As soon was we got everything ready then we could go and see what others were doing for their booths. I equate this as many many miniature theater productions. Quite a few booths were gorgeous and took you to another place or time. Moda Schoolhouse was all day long but Anne didn't have to do her part until 5pm. After that it was Sample Spree. That is where vendors sell some of their items. Fabric companies, such as Moda offered FQ packs and some kits for purchase so that shop owners could get a head start on samples for their customers. Fabric lines from this market will ship from September to November. What a night that was. There were so many shop owners there. The next morning Market officially started.

The three days went fast and I have alot of memories. I met so many people, Susan from Benartex,
Carol from Clothworks Quilt Shop in Canada, and Alma and Barb from Blackbird Designs, Mary and Barb from Me & My Sister Designs, the list goes on and on. I hope to go to fall market in Houston. I will leave you now with some pictures from Market.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Quilt Market!

Today is the first official day of Market. We've been here since Tuesday. 2 days to set up and then there was sample spree. How crazy is that? It's 8:30 am and it's 72 here. Gonna be a gorgeous day. All the hard work pays off today. If you have never been to a Quilt Market I hope to find a way to go someday. It is a wonderful experience. The air is alive with the electricity of sewing and quilts. More later and more pics later too.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tiggy is growing up

Tiggy at 10 weeks
Tiggy all grown up
It's been almost 6 months since my last post. Tight-my new kitty is 8 months old and doesn't look like a kitten anymore. In fact I think she was only little for like 3 weeks! She is 10 lbs now and looks like a full grown kitty. In case you didn't see or have forgotten here are her baby pics and her current pic.

I have been sewing & designing and have a sneak peek of the newest quilt that is getting photographed as I post this. This quilt which I call - Dinner in Paris, makes me just weak in the knees, hope you all love it too. As soon as the pictures get back from the fabulous photographer then I will post a full shot here on my blog.

Patterns will be available soon and as a holiday treat, you can preorder this pattern now on my website. I also have 2 other new ones which are listed on the website and are being printed. So there are some great choices for gift giving either to friends or yourself.
I am also working on a tutorial for my next post for a little gift bag. These are FAST and easy and can be made in any size. So check back for the tutorial in about a week.
Happy sewing to all and have a little eggnog for me.



Saturday, July 9, 2011

Changes and additions....

Okay, okay…you can take my picture off the back of milk cartons.  I know that it has been a long dry spell. There have been changes going on for a couple of months now.  I am sure you noticed the blog changes. I also changed my Twitter page.  If you are interested in changing your blog, visit www.plumroselane.com , Sharon is amazing and she has some of the most beautiful themes as well as single backgrounds and other elements.  Best of all???  Most all of her website items are free!

Did I say free?  Yes I did. Free.

Also new on the home front..is Tiggy. Tiggy is my new kitten. She has actually been a part of the family since June 4th. We adopted her from AFR. ARF got her from one of the local animal shelters and brought her to their facility. She was given an exam by a vet. They spade her and inserted a microchip. She was 10 weeks when she came home. It was love at first sight. Since I lost my cat last Oct it has been rather quiet and lifeless here. Nothing can take the place of your previous pets but new pets allow you to keep loving and receiving love. If you are thinking about getting a pet, visit the animal shelters or a rescue organization to save a life. Tiggy has taken up the mantle of quilt inspector and is becoming quite the expert.

 I have also been busy doing 4 new quilts, 2 are done and 2 are still in progress. I hope to have patterns done on the 2 new ones in the next week. So do check back and see what we have come up with. I will post pictures next week.

The last week in July is a road trip to the Long Beach Quilt Show. I am excited and will get some pictures of the show for you to see. Until then…may your bobbins always be full.


Monday, May 23, 2011

seamsdelightful's photostream

Stephanie.RobinSunday MorningCut and sew......Bias Binding..I hope...Busy Busy Busy
Robin pining bindingStephanie still pressing.................Stephanie's machineStephanie with her BabyBarbara still sewing bias binding
Robin's BabySquaring up..Here's to Quilting! With sparkling apple cider and strawberries!
.Barbara's Retreat BabyBlocks finishedSunday Morning BrunchClean-up
Sew and Sew Girls Mini Retreat by Seams Delightful Designs

Sew & Sew Girls Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend and I hope each and every one of you did too. This last weekend we were suppose to go to a retreat but it was cancelled and my 2 friends and I were deeply disappointed. We all got to talking and decided we would have our own mini retreat. Well that started the plans in motion.
Saturday at 9:00am my 2 friends started showing up. After about 20 minutes of setup we all had our sewing machines humming and were well on our way to completing some of those UFO's we all have.

Mini Retreat
Before we knew it…our personal butler (most commonly known as my DH) showed up from the kitchen and placed a tray of heavenly appetizers…….. Bacon wrapped shrimp with pineapple. All I can say is OMG! Next a platter of meats, cheeses and crackers and all forms of yummy things arrived. 

Drinks were readily available and the perfect finger snacks kept us fueled and satisfied so that we could continue to sew, cut, press and chat without any interruptions. Barbara had managed to cut and sew together a Turning Twenty and have the top completed! Before we knew it 5:00pm and rolled around and we picked our stations to have them ready for the next day. The ladies went home.
Sunday morning was a beautiful day just like Saturday had been and once again my gals began to arrive. We picked up where we left off and once again, the butler came out with bagels and cream cheese, sparkling apple cider in champagne glasses with a strawberry in each one, to start the day. Once we had some fuel in our bodies we all continued on with our UFO's. Stephanie was working on 3 quilts made from the Hawaiian shirts of a father that had passed away. The mother wanted each of the 3 children to have a quilt made of their Dad's shirts. What a huge project but one that touches the heart. Stephanie managed to get enough blocks made to make 1 whole quilt and partials for the other 2. She also made the small bags we had kits for as a retreat project. I was able to get binding sewn on 2 projects, made a table runner, and some placemats. I also finished my little bags and almost have a pincushion complete. It was a wonder weekend of friendship and sewing and we have decided to do it again! Stay tuned for information on the next one. We only have a limited space, so we won't be able to take too many so it will be first come…unless we get a response that dictates we find a larger place to hold it.
Here's to Quilting!
Robin, Stephanie, and Barbara
Suggestions and hot tips for venues are most welcome.
Check out the slide show on flickr

I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine was….

Delightfully yours


Saturday, April 30, 2011

When the baby is sick

While sewing the other day, I decided to monogram the bags I was making. Since I had 6 to do I thought to let the machine embroider them to save time. And that is when it happened. "crunch...crunch..and then SNAP!. My heart sank. Oh no Baby is not suppose to go "SNAP...CRUNCH". Then the machine started to make jump stitches everywhere. I barely got the stop button pushed before it tried to put a stitch in the middle of the hoop frame. As with any computer, many times you can reset back if you reboot. It didn't help. To the phone and made an appointment to take my baby in for service and see what is wrong. Next morning my friend and helper Barbara & I were on the road early.  Driving time is approx an hour and half to the "sewing hospital" - Rays Sewing Center in San Jose, CA. It is a long trip but well worth it as Ken and Lindsey are the best. They let me come in, get my machine serviced and I can take it home the same day. NOW THAT IS SERVICE.
Ray's Showroom
As we were driving down, I was imagining all kinds of horrid problems with my machine. The arm broke, a belt broke, there was a problem with the computer board. And the list goes on. When we arrived, the place was a bustle of activity. There were ladies in the classroom working on embroidery projects and ladies checking out new machines to purchase. Ken was his usual self, multi tasking by answering question on new machines and doing demos as well as servicing machines in the hospital service area. With precision hands and decades of experience, Ken had my baby running and purring again like she should be. No major problems, no horrific breaks, no big service bill. I am once again a happy gal and my baby is sewing like a dream. So if you need a service center, consider driving to Ray's Sewing Center. BTW - Ray's Sewing Center is named for Ken's father - Ray, who started the business, was inducted into the Sewing Hall of Fame and is now fixing machines in heaven.